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The shopping centre is full of children's playgrounds and little trains that will take some of the pressure off children and parents alike. It also offers many places to eat, relax and sip good old kids food and drinks. Whether your kids approve of Chuck E. Cheese or not, this place means you're unlikely to go empty-handed - hand-wringing.

Shopping here is always a wise decision, as there are always offers that go beyond the normal savings of everyday life. If you want to stretch your dollars even further, join the VIP Savings Club, which offers exclusive discounts. It costs $5 and you can save a ton on your favorite brands, so make sure you visit the service to get a coupon book before you enter the store.

Interested parties interested in leasing information for the Southaven Towne Center should contact Larry Champion, the director of peripheral locations, or contact his office at (601) 888-462-3200. Interested companies can also contact him by e-mail or telephone.

In addition to its office in Chattanooga, TN, CBL maintains regional offices in Boston and Waltham, MA, and owns and manages eight regional malls in Tennessee, including the Chattanooga Foothills Shopping Center, downtown Chattanooga, and the Towne Center of Chattanooga. It also owns or manages nine other regional malls in Tennessee.

The project will overhaul the I-55 intersection with Church, Scott said, and freeway congestion could divert traffic from nearby north-south roads, including US 51, named after Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis. Separately, a third major I / 55 project is being considered: the construction of a new intersection at the intersection of Interstate 55 and U-65 in Southaven. The project will boost traffic expected for the Southaven Regional Shopping Centre and traffic on nearby Interstate 65 and Interstate 60.

Starting at the main level of Dillard's, customers are greeted by a modern cosmetics department. Next to the cosmetics area is a men's section with 50,000 pairs of shoes and nearby the men's section with more than 1,500 women's and men's shoes and accessories.

It's not just about the shop, but also the restaurant area, which offers a wide selection of food and drinks. From hot dogs and hamburgers to ice cream and a climbing wall for the cravings, there is everything.

Dillard's Store offers a wide selection of merchandise, and you can usually find a store that has something to offer for just about every interest. There are shops serving a wide range of interests, such as fashion, living, health and fitness, and home furniture. The selection will reflect a renewed focus on upscale and contemporary fashion, including products sourced and marketed under their exclusive brand names.

Dillard's joins more than 30 specialty stores and restaurants that have opened since October 2005. There will be a wide range of goods on display, including clothing, accessories, home furniture and home accessories, as well as a variety of food and beverages.

CBL Associates Properties, Inc. owns and manages 132 properties in the United States and Canada, including three regional shopping centers in Mississippi, two in Alabama, one in Louisiana and three in Texas. CBL holds or manages ownership or administrative rights to 132 properties, including more than 2,000 acres of retail, residential and office space and about 1,500 acres in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina and Texas, according to the website.

The company focuses on providing its customers with the maximum fashion value by offering compelling clothing and a selection at home, complemented by exceptional customer service. The Outlet Mall offers more than 2,000 stores and more clothing and accessories than you will find anywhere else. Some of the most popular fashion brands call this place home, including Calvin Klein, Gap Inc., Gap Jr., J. Crew, H & M, JCPenney and many more.

The shopping centre is well preserved for its age and offers an open-air concept that makes it easy to get from one shop to another. The main reason buyers come here is because they feel it is a safe and clean place to do business. They also love the modern and fresh aesthetic that makes shopping here a pleasure. We believe that our new offerings in the Memphis area will satisfy customers by providing them with a pleasant and exciting shopping experience in a convenient and accessible location.

Commenting on the opening, he said: "We are proud to celebrate the opening of our latest expansion of the Sout Haven shopping center in Memphis.

Dillard's Inc. is the second-largest U.S. department store chain with annual sales of more than $7.7 billion. CBL is one of the largest retailers in the United States with more than 2,000 stores and more than 1,500 employees. I write a regular column about the economy of Memphis and regularly write business news articles, both online and in print.

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More About Southaven