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Memphis, TN Event Rockerz is a live music festival in the heart of Southend - on the River City, Mississippi. For all your entertainment needs, here is a list of the best events and events in South Mississippi this weekend, from Friday, June 23, through Sunday, July 1.

They also have other memorabilia and music - related items, including cassettes, CDs, magazines, posters and more. Seeing live shows all weekend makes it one of the most popular music festivals in South Mississippi. There is also a variety of food and beverages, as well as live music and food trucks.

Connect with a top music teacher in Southaven who wants to help you and your family achieve your musical education goals. You have so much to tell your children about what it takes to become an expert in your chosen craft.

If you are looking for a music teacher in Southaven, Mississippi or any other area of the state, we recommend that you check the services of multiple instructors and studios before committing to regular classes to ensure that your music teachers are demonstrably trained. We help you to find the best music teachers, studios and music schools in the area for your musical education.

BankPlus The announcement was made because severe weather has threatened visitors who are on the site. We are working closely with the City of Southaven to ensure the amphitheatre is up to date. If your ticket for this event needs to be reprinted, you can visit the ticket office and have your ticket reprinted. Lost or stolen tickets are not allowed in BankPlus stores and must be reported to Ticketmaster if there is a chance they will be missing, stolen or destroyed.

Prams - Prams are not allowed in the amphitheatre as they can become a stumbling hazard and there is no safe storage anywhere. Please note that if you are expelled for a violation of the venue's policies, no re-entry will be allowed. Any guest who violates the rules and laws of the venue will be excluded from the facility at the sole discretion of the venue management. Re - Admission is only permitted if otherwise arranged by the event management and in accordance with the Event Guidelines.

First of all, it is one of the best places in the area to sell old vinyl for money and add a new addition to your collection. You will want to spend some time combing through new and used records, and the prices will be among the best you will find anywhere. If you're feeling adventurous, go there on a Saturday and get one out of the mystery vinyl bag. The staff is responsive and helpful, so you can find the genre and artist you are looking for.

MS NZJ works with Olive Branch to provide the best sound service, and they have a selection of turntables, accessories and other media to ensure you can be on the road with your favorite songs all day long. Whether it's an elusive album you haven't found anywhere else, or a new record, this # 10 record store knows how to satisfy its inner music lover.

Fans love to get into a lounge atmosphere and listen to new and old music. With a local DJ serving top-notch tunes, you can discover new music while rummaging through their extensive collection of old and new records from around the world.

The shop itself has not been around for long, but you can be sure that the team has been collecting and using their knowledge about records and music here for decades. This independent record store has a lot to offer and thrives on fans knowing that buying their favorite albums is part of the overall experience.

The music teachers network is designed to connect top music teachers who serve Southaven with homes across MS. Most of these teachers have a college degree in music education and a passion for keeping the music experience fun and fresh.

Willson leads the UM Wind Ensemble and teaches the music department in music education and various courses. Mr. Dale also teaches courses in the music department, including music theory, music history and music composition, as well as piano and piano lessons. He was a member of the Mississippi State University Orchestra and the Southaven Symphony Orchestra.

He was a member of the Mississippi State University Orchestra and the Southaven Symphony Orchestra for four years. He was a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Mississippi College of Music and held the position of associate professor of music education and music history at the university and was chairman of the university's music department.

In 1985 Willson was awarded the Mississippi State University Distinguished Service Award for his contributions to music education and music history. He has worked in various positions with the All-State Band, including as leader in 1995 when it won an international parade in Seoul, Korea. Mr. Dale served as a member of the University of Mississippi College of Music's marching band, producing students who formed the Mississippi Lions and the All-State Band and participated in the World Class Drum and Bugle Corps.

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