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Southaven, Mississippi, a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee, is not known for having the most romantic restaurants, but a few options will provide the right ambience for you and your loved ones. If Mexican is your choice, spend a romantic night with your significant other, talk about chips, salsa and other traditional favorites, and finish the meal with fried ice cream. However, if you are inspired by your love for the occasion, a local eatery will whet your appetite for romance. Share some of the restaurant's creative sushi rolls with others or share a meal that ends with a little fried cream and a glass of wine.

Mixed vegetables, red cabbage and carrots garnished with grilled chicken, hard-boiled eggs and fried onions. Try some of your favourites with a side of Roma tomatoes, chicken or pork chops and a glass of wine with your romantic meal, such as chicken and pork ribs or pork and chicken sandwich. Mexican chicken with fried onions, tomatoes, garlic, onions and tomato sauce or a plate of roasted tomatoes and Roma tomatoes with garlic sauce and grilled chicken.

Tuck into one of the classic Chicken Fingerz (tm) sandwiches, topped with zax sauce (r), or serve with a glass of wine and a drink from the Kidz drinks list. Stuff into a toast and top with the ZAX sauce (s) and drink.

Add these tender and tasty boneless wings to the ZAX sauce before serving with celery ranch sauce. Choose from a variety of sauces, from the classic Zax sauce (tm) to the spicy ranch sauce, or choose from one of the many options on the menu, such as the Chicken Wings with Ranch.

If your taste buds could use a wake-up call, why not stop your appetite for snacks with one of the classic chicken fingers tucked into a toast sandwich topped with Zax sauce? Hand-breaded on the outside and tender on the inside, this is a bad boy who is secretly the biggest ol'softie on their menu. Put the fried mushrooms in the batter, dip them in the ranch sauce and finish.

One way to get into someone's heart is good food, and the menu at this Chophouse will help you do that, "said John D. Smith, owner and owner of Chophouse Restaurant & Bar.

Church United's food donations, reflecting the Memphis region's national reputation, are the world's largest dollar-based foundation. Volunteers are responsible for organising the food campaign and feeding the local food bank and pantry.

Instead of relying on volunteers to go to the store, Gardner contacts Memphis-area depots that process tons of canned and packaged food, including food for the local food bank and pantry, as well as local restaurants and grocery stores, to help keep the community safe.

To prevent the spread of the virus, volunteers from participating churches store the food in enclosed spaces, clean the cans, wrap them with disinfectant cloths, store them in an enclosed space and hand them over to the driver. She drives on Mondays and Fridays afternoons and volunteers put a box of food in her car. Then she will clean her hands of disinfectants and take the box of food to the next car in the queue. It distributes 300 boxes of 6,000 food items to the United Methodist Church, the local food bank and pantry, as well as restaurants and grocery stores.

Canned vegetables garnished with Roma tomatoes and cucumbers, served with a choice of dressing or sweet sweet sweet potato salad with tomato sauce.

Help your guests wash away the most desirable flavours with a refreshing glass of sweet or unsweet tea. With over 100 refreshing drinks at your disposal, Coca-Cola Freestyle gives you the freedom to discover and enjoy the perfect drink.

Mesquite Chophouse is located in an old brick building and is the ideal setting for a romantic evening. Request a table by the venue's wood-burning fireplace, sit in an intimate red leather booth and enjoy live entertainment, cocktails and complimentary appetizers. The restaurant's elegant bar features dark wooden chairs, chandeliers and lighting to chat with your distinguished guest. The restaurant offers live piano music and is the perfect place for an evening with friends or family.

The city of Memphis - long considered one of the nation's most generous cities for charitable purposes - has enjoyed a reputation as a charitable giving destination for more than 30 years, according to a Washington-based nonprofit magazine. The magazine ranked Memphis as the most charitable city in the US and the second largest philanthropic city in Tennessee this year. Contact with the community - a spirit that originally revived the region's reputation for charity. After a coronavirus outbreak spread in March and schools in DeSoto County closed, Ann Starker knew what to do: get involved.

She taught gifted fourth graders the importance of volunteering, which many know because they volunteer for it.

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More About Southaven